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Born and raised on the Southshore of Montreal, Krystina Stamatopoulos is a Visual and Media Art Baccalaureate graduate, from UQAM. Now established in Toronto, since 2010, she is teaching Art and Dance in French.


Krystina’s latest work often presents a blurred line between abstract and figurative in a captivating way. Hidden characters and usual objects intend to represent specific traits of human beings, in relation to the world. The artist creates around the idea that the individual's self-absorption is often taking over the attention paid to our surroundings and the rest of the world; making us lose ourselves and disappear.


Generally, her artistic intention is governed by the paradoxes of life. Mainly guided by her observations of human relations and behaviors, she finds inspiration in the visual characteristics and initial function or context inherent to materials and objects. Her creation offers a keen look of society, by questioning human behaviors, leading to think about its various conceptions of beauty, perceptions and continuous struggle in finding balance between ambition and settlement. 


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